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Designing The Perfect
Backyard For Your Needs

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The backyard is often one of the key selling points on a house. It can serve as a play place, another kitchen, a family room, and much more, so it makes sense that you would put in as much effort into fixing it up as other rooms in the house. There are a few ways you can transform your backyard to fit your needs and wants.

Consider your Family's Needs

Consider what your family likes to do before working on your backyard. If you want to build a pool but don't want to keep up with the maintenance, then it's probably not for you. Do you have children who are athletic? Perhaps you should give them a large green space to practice, instead of taking up that space with plants or patios. If you love to entertain, then that area would be better suited for a large deck or patio. A natural cook would love an outdoor kitchen. All families are different, and it's important to sit down and figure out what would work best for yours.

Add Light

What's the point in doing all of that work if you can't see any of it? Be sure to add adequate lighting at night for the areas you want to be seen. Patio areas are good for wall-mounted house lights and hanging lights, while garden areas are great for solar lights. Don't forget to light up that walkway, either.

Furnish and Make it Comfortable

If you're spending money to spruce up or renovate your backyard, don't skimp on seating and comfort. You'll want to spend a lot of your time out there when you're finished. You can transform an outdoor lounge by adding comfort items, such as an outdoor rug, a few outdoor lamps, and pillows. Add a hammock on the other side of the yard, or have a separate space to hang out, if you have the room. HGTV has some wonderful ideas on how to liven up your outdoor living space.

Make it Lush

There are ways to make your backyard an oasis without having to spend half your day gardening. Choose some low maintenance plants that will add greenery without all of the work. If you've just finished renovating your yard, or can't get your grass to grow nicely, consider adding turf from a Nanaimo turf company like Western Turf Farms Ltd. Turf goes in easily and will give your yard a professional, polished look.

You don't have to spend a ton of money to fix up your backyard. Whether you're looking for a complete overhaul or just want to add some greenery, there are limitless options out there to choose from.