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Smart Auto Management

for managing debt
Consumers with high debt purchases such as a new car
can use pre-paid credit cards to avoid future debt.

  • budget monthly spending amounts
  • avoid interest rate charges
  • avoid getting into more debt
  • limit spending by the amount loaded
  • use where credit cards are accepted
  • use the card to build your credit



User gets a prepaid card for themself or other (approval guaranteed) for auto use. User adds spending money to the card based on budgeted amount.
User or other uses card
to buy gas, auto supplies, auto parts, etc., at any merchant that accepts MC/VISA cards.
User can monitor the
pre-paid account electronically for auto budgeting purposes.
User can reload the card with additional auto spending funds as needed.
Using pre-paid credit cards are easier than checks. They help control spending so that savings earned can be used to pay down your debts.
Pre-paid cards can be given to spouses, children and others. The cards can be tied to a budgeting amount that limits spending.

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