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your equity for: Emergency & Events

when you need money
Use a Home Equity Line of Credit with a 10-15 year draw period - use the line as your personal money source whenever money is needed.

Loan Type: home equity line of credit (HELOC)
Line Amounts: at least 80% LTV for best rate: calc your LTV
Draw Period: request a 10-15 year draw period
No Restrictions: request no minimum draw amount and line fees
| or dial: 1-877-777-1370


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Loan Summary and Benefits


Get the cash you need ... as you need!
Your home equity line of credit lets you do just that. You can use it as your "Event Manager" to:

  • finance your living if you lose your job
  • send money to relatives
  • pay for a wedding
  • finance an auto repair
  • pay medical expenses
  • home family get home for the holidays
  • repair a leaky roof

And while you're at it—

  • consoidate your bills
  • do some home improvement
  • start a home business
  • you decide: _________________


It's smart financial management
to have an equity line available in the event of a life need.

Advancing needed funds from your equity line account is less expensive than cash advances from credit cards or any other unsecured instrument.

You will pay interest only on the amount you borrow, which interest cost may be deducted from your taxes if you qualify — this can reduce your cost even further. Consult your tax advisor for information.

View our Effective Interest Rate Table to illustrate your potential savings.

You can use your home equity line whenever you need ... as you need. Simply borrow the money you need, payoff the emergency event, and then repay your equity line account when money is available.




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