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Smart Money Management

for running your business
Business entreprenuers can use pre-paid cards
to budget spending and cash flow accounts:

  • budget monthly spending amounts
  • maintain cash accounting
  • use where credit cards are accepted
  • limit spending by the amount loaded
  • avoid getting into debt
  • avoid exposing your account to fraud



Business owner gets a prepaid card for themself or other (approval guaranteed). Owner adds budgeted amounts from the equity line to the card.
Owner or other uses card
to buy office supplies, business services, etc., at any merchant that accepts MC/VISA cards.
Business owner can monitor
pre-paid account electronically for budgeting purposes. Using pre-paid cards can help maintain a spending budget.
Business owner can reload the card with additional spending funds as needed.
Using pre-paid credit cards can protect the home equity line from mis-use and fraud since the money card is independent of the equity line.
Managing pre-paid cards can avoid cost overruns. They can help you budget capital for the business as needed.

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