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— Slide 10: The BLOC is a Better Financing Option —
You can use your BLOC to finance any need

What We Have Learned

As demonstrated in the previous illustration, you paid off the car within 1 year. All further payments from your child is now excess income. You will be earning the interest instead of the bank.

Of course, this is a simple illustration. Factors may lesson the amount of discretionary income you may have from month-to-month.

What has been demonstrated is the power of the BLOC program.

You could use the BLOC to finance home improvement, put a down payment on car, pay for college, start a family business, and finance other family needs.

Where to Next
  • Next Step:
    use this 10-step success plan for implementing and managing your BLOC: view 10-step success plan

  • Followed by :
    see how the BLOC can be used to payoff your mortgage: view mortgage payoff plan

    Important Note:
    Never Let Your BLOC Move Into Negative Territory

    Your BLOC should not drop below a zero balance. This is money that you are giving away to the banks. You should use your BLOC to payoff your mortgage whenever your BLOC balance reaches zero

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