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Smart Money Management

for remodeling your home
Homeowners can manage their home improvement costs
without exposing their credit line:

  • budget remodeling spending amounts
  • avoid exposing your account to fraud
  • avoid access credit line charges
  • manage your account online
  • use where credit cards are accepted
  • use the card for other living expenses



Home owner gets a prepaid card for home improvement use (approval guaranteed). Homeowner adds spending money from the equity line to the card.
Homeowner uses card
to buy home improvement supplies, decor, etc., at any merchant or contractor that accepts MC/VISA cards.
Homeowner can monitor pre-paid account electronically
for budgeting purposes. Pre-paid cards can help maintain a spending budget.
Homeowner can reload the card with additional home improvement funds as needed.
Using pre-paid credit cards can protect the home equity credit line from mis-use and fraud since the money card is independent of the equity line.
Using pre-paid cards can avoid cost overruns and help budget spending amounts for other life needs such as food, gas, etc.

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