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----- quick home banker tip -----

becoming a bank

apply for a home equity line of credit

Use a Home Equity Line of Credit with a 10-15 year draw period - use the line as your personal banker to manage your money.

View the illustrations below:

1st: Use the equity in your home to finance life-event needs

Use your equity line as a financing source:

  • pay for home remodeling
  • pay for college financing
  • pay for auto expenses
  • pay for other needs

2nd: Deposit all of your scheduled income sources into your home equity line of credit account

You will take all of your scheduled income sources and deposit them into your equity line account instead of your checking account. Deposit:

  • salary income
  • capital gains
  • savings
  • spare change

3rd: Now use your home equity account to pay family monthly expenses

Use your banker home equity account to pay for everyday budgeted and planned expenses such as:

  • monthly bills
  • food and clothing
  • mortgage payment
  • budgeted card charges
  • budgeted debt charges
  • other living expenses

use it like you would
use your regular
checking account
to pay for everyday
living expenses

Benefit: Your discretionary income pay offs your financing costs FAST!

Your discretionary income (the income amount minus your expenses) remains into your banker home equity line account to lower the debt balance.

Over time, you will be able to pay off your financing debts in half the time by budgeting and managing your banker home equity line.

You can also use your equity account to finance other needs as needed.

Need More Information?


  • First Step:
    link to our bank equity module to view this quick 10-point slide show that demonstrates how the Banker Line of Credit works:

    go to slide show

  • Second Step:
    use this 10-step success plan for implementing and managing your BLOC:

    view 10-step success plan

  • Third Step:
    see how the BLOC can be used to pay off your mortgage:

    view mortgage payoff plan
----- end of home banker tip -----