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Winter Wonderland:
Inexpensive Ways To Keep Your
Home Warm During Chilly Days

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As the winter months approach, people are starting to warm up their home and crank the heater more so than in months past. However, the associated heating bills that come with a warmer house can be unpleasant. Instead of staying bundled up indoors all winter, follow these cheap tips to keep your house cozy.

Use Curtains Correctly
Curtains are not just for maintaining privacy. Thick thermal curtains keep cold from seeping through the glass in the windows. Just be sure to open them back up on sunny days so natural warmth can enter the home.

Open Your Oven After Baking
Any time you run the oven, it can be a valuable source of heat without costing extra money. When you are finished baking, open the door to let warm air heat the entire kitchen while the oven cools off. This tip is especially effective if you have a closed-in kitchen.

Get Your Heater Maintained
A broken heater tends to be extremely inefficient. Just a few minor repairs can help it to heat more effectively. There are plenty of affordable HVAC repair places, such as Doctor Fix-It. In the long run, you can actually save money by occasionally paying for a professional to maintain your heating system.

Seal Windows and Doorframes
Caulk normally only costs a few dollars, but it can save you hundreds. Adding sealant prevents chilly air from leaking through tiny cracks. Even a DIY novice can apply caulk around windows and doors, so this is a quick and easy project.

Reverse Ceiling Fan Rotation
Many people do not realize this, but there is a small switch on your ceiling fan that changes its rotation. Make your fan rotate in a clockwise direction to push cold air up towards the ceiling. This mixes the hot and cold air in the room, making it feel warmer overall.

Use Rugs or Carpet
Anyone who has gotten out of bed and stepped on a hardwood or tile floor knows just how cold they can be. These materials conduct temperature very well, so they let the cold of the ground under the house change indoor temperatures. Lay down rugs or carpet to insulate your home better.

When you follow these tips and use a few preventative measures, you can greatly reduce your heating bill. You do not have to choose between staying warm and saving money when winter comes.