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The Best Tricks for Trendy
Home Design (without
Shelling Out Big Bucks)

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Keeping up with the latest trends can be time-consuming and expensive. Keeping up with the latest home décor trends can be even more so. Most of us can’t afford to redecorate entire rooms every time a new trend catches on, and home décor is often expensive to begin with. However, if you want to maintain a stylish home design, there are a few creative tricks you can implement without shelling out big bucks. Keep reading for a little fashionable home inspiration, and learn the ropes for keeping up with trends without breaking the bank.

Accent Avenue

The trendiest homes usually have very simple furniture with textile accents in stylish prints and colors. Instead of spending a fortune on fancy rugs or expensive paint, infuse a little style by using subtle accent colors. Fabric items like throw pillows and curtains are comparatively affordable and add a stylish way to bring the look of a room together without shelling out big bucks. If you having any sewing abilities, these are also very easy to make, requiring only hemming or the ability to sew in a straight line. Choose one or two accent colors that you like, and instantly turn a dull room into a luxurious space by creating focus points.

Statement Furniture

A rather plain room will look much more “pulled together” with just a few accessories and one or two pieces of statement furniture. Going along with the accent colors you have chosen, consider implementing the use of a statement end table, coffee table, pouf, ottoman, or armchair. This piece doesn’t necessarily have to “match” with the rest of the furniture, but it should fit with the vibe of the room. You can paint furniture yourself, and even a brightly patterned slip cover over a chair will add style to a room. Just make sure you stick to only one or two statement pieces since the design will feel overwhelming with too many patterns, colors, or styles going competing simultaneously.

Use What You Have

A lot of trends today come from the realm of do-it-yourself home décor. The trendiest homes have personality and unique items that reflect the home’s owner. Instead of spending hundreds on fancy home décor, get creative with what you have. For example, you can create a vintage look by framing illustrations from old books you find in the attic or at thrift stores. You can go for a sophisticated look by applying gold spray paint to an old frame and inserting a new sheet of glass to create a fancy new mirror. You can find old vanities or coffee tables at thrift stores and garage sales, sand down the wood, and paint the furniture a new, trendy color. If you have junk lying around, try your hand at DIY home décor and see what you come up with.

A Pop of Color

If your home is out of date and could use a touch of trend, rely on color to bring it up to speed. You can implement a unique color by painting the molding or trim in a bland room, or even by painting the light-switch covers a bold color. You can brighten up a boring dining room by painting old wooden chairs a fun, flirty color. Or, you can simply add a patterned rug to a plain Jane room in order to breathe a little life into it. By subtly using trendy colors throughout the home, you can easily invoke style without breaking the bank.  

Creating a trendy and stylish home does not have to be expensive. There are inexpensive and fun ways to bring out the best in your home design, and enjoy a stylish space. Get creative with accent colors, statement furniture, vintage items, and bold hues, and keep your décor on the brink of the latest trends.

The information for this article was provided by the professionals at Alair Homes who specialize in custom Hamilton homes.