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Real Estate Wonder: How Effective
Is Social Media Marketing
When Selling Your Home?

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Social media has permeated just about every facet of our lives and has proven to businesses to be an effective means of marketing as well. So if you're looking to sell your house, how helpful and effective, exactly, is utilizing social media?

Social Media Is Not Yet The First Place Home Buyers Look

The reason is because people are not yet looking for available homes on social media sites. They are looking online, however: they simply go to the major real estate sites, like Zillow, first. That being said, social media is still a good tool to advertise a home and share information about the property.

Social Media Can Keep You From Having To List The House At All

The wonderful thing about social media is that it connects you to not only your friends, but to their friends, and even other people in your local area, who all might be interested in buying your house. Many houses are sold without ever being put on the market, especially if they are in very desirable areas. Simply getting the word out that your house is going up for sale could mean a friend or a friend of a friend hears about it and wishes to buy the home.

Visual Social Media Platforms Are Best

Aside from Facebook, which allows users to post photos and videos in addition to text, and has perhaps the largest user base in the world, the best social media platforms to showcase a house are the visual ones. For example, you can upload a YouTube video of you giving a tour through your home and showcasing the property. You can also use photo-centric sites like Pinterest and Instagram to generate interest in your property by posting sets of photos.

Document The Preparation Process

This is a creative idea that can be a little risky, as you most certainly don't want to show yourself covering up any perceived flaws in your property, but social media could be very helpful in generating interest in your home as you document what you have done to get it ready to sell. You can do this to get people interested in looking at the finished, ready-for-sale home as well as be fun and informative about your quest to tidy and fix things up to sell it.

Social media, while not yet at the same level of usefulness of selling your home as major property listing sites, can play an integral role in advertising your listing and getting your home sold faster. It should definitely be part of your marketing strategy along with working with a professional real estate agent like those at Brace Homes. Above we discussed why social media marketing may be helpful when trying to sell your home, but ultimately it is up to you to decide how you want to market it.