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Need to Sell Fast?
3 Ways to Increase Your Home's Value

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Selling your home boils down to offering the buyer the biggest bang for their buck. Every buyer is looking for something different, but most can agree that some enhancements are worth more than others. By focusing on the following key areas, you can bump up your home's value and your buyer's interest.

Reroof Your Home

The exterior aspects of your home are what the buyer sees first, and curb appeal is just as important as the interior. The roof of your home is one of the biggest indicators to a potential buyer that your home is cared for and well maintained. 31% of real estate professionals have commented that the roof is one of the most important aspects of the home that buyers ask about, according to Consumer Reports. When pursuing your roofing project, look at the available shingle options as well as any applicable, transferable warranties. Consider hiring professionals like Pro-Tech Contracting Inc. who specialize in roofing repair and replacement.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom

A bright, refreshing space to start the day or relax after a long afternoon gives prospective buyers a chance to envision themselves in the home. By doing some simple changes, such as updating fixtures, revitalizing the grout or adding new lighting, your bathroom can help boost your home's value. Depending on your time frame, adding some extra touches to your bathroom can really get a buyer hooked. If you can spare the time, add in some heated floors or redo the tub or shower enclosure entirely, both of which are big selling points and help truly transform your bathroom into a home spa.

Liven Up Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and many buyers are looking for a big impression when they walk in. Kitchens can be renovated or completely remodeled, it all depends on your timeframe. Add in some new light fixtures and cabinet pulls. Update your flooring if needed and consider a more modern countertop. Solid surface counters and stone counters are both big draws for a potential buyer, adding value to the room and the home.

Finding ways to increase your home values can be quick and easy. By focusing on key improvements, like roof updates, any seller can really speak to the care and effort put into the home. Each of these updates can give you and your future buyer the biggest return on your time and investment.