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A bathroom is one of the most important parts of a home because of its functional and aesthetic features. The following upgrades to a bathroom can significantly boost the value of a house.


A bathroom can be modernized with toilets that use a minimum amount of water on each flush. It's important to pay attention to the GPF (Gallons Per Flush) rating of a new toilet that's being installed. Additionally, a powerful flushing mechanism can prevent clogs that are common in older toilets. Modern toilets essentially save homeowners money on monthly utility bills. The handle of a toilet tank can be customized with an attractive metallic finish to match other fixtures of a bathroom.


A bathroom is the only part of a home that can be laid out with beautiful all natural tiles on the floor and walls. Marble adds a classic appeal to any master bathroom space. More affordable stone tile options include granite, onyx, slate and limestone. Additionally, glass and porcelain are some inexpensive alternatives to all stone tiles. These two materials can be designed to mimic the texture of natural stone. Glass mosaic type of tiles are usually applied as splash guards on the walls of a shower or bathtub. 


A simple upgrade to the fixtures of a bathroom can add significant value to a home. Faucets are available in contemporary finishes such as chrome, nickel and stainless steel. For a more traditional appeal, faucets come in bronze and brass. These fixtures are relatively inexpensive to purchase and then install into a sink, bathtub or shower. Of course, the handles and spout of a faucet unit are available in an array of attractive features. Additionally, faucets come in various mounting styles such as 4 inch offset, single hole, vessel and widespread. 

Bathtubs & Showers

Modular bathtubs and shower units can be easily installed into a bathroom. Such one piece fixtures don't require a whole lot of work when it comes to clearing the floors, walls and plumbing components. Bathtubs and showers are available in inexpensive designs that are made of high quality fiberglass or acrylic. Such units are usually scratch and impact resistant. Additionally, modular bathtubs and showers have built in features such as hand rails and holders for accessories. 

Bathrooms can be customized with a variety of fixtures and accessories that are available in modern and traditional styles. It's possible to fully upgrade a bathroom without stretching one's budget for a major renovation.

Information Credit: Brothers Plumbing and Renovation