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Ready to Invest? 4 Real Estate
Choices & Their Benefits to Consider

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Real estate investment can be a very lucrative form of investment. However, it requires some careful preparation. Anyone interested should consider what types of property they wish to invest in, as there are several popular options. This guide will serve as an overview of the four main choices and the benefits of each.

Single-Family Homes

Single-family homes are the standard type of real estate desired by most people. They are popular with a specific type of investor: the flipper. Flippers generally have no interest in renting out the home. Instead, they buy properties at bargain prices and fix them up to resell for a profit. Single-family homes are beneficial for their flexibility. You can focus on renting them out or reselling them. You could also do both or either depending on the market and whether you can sell the home.

Apartment Complexes

Investing in apartment complexes has the main advantage of generating more stable cash flow. This is because apartment complexes are full of renters paying you their rent. Other types of real estate investment will not have so many tenants in one place. It can also be easier to secure a loan for apartment complexes, although the cost to buy one is significantly higher than other types of real estate. If you need a construction loan for a new property, you can secure one from a lender, like LCNB National Bank, for that purpose as well.

Condo Complexes

All condominium complexes have an owners association. This is a main benefit of investing in condos because far less maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. The association maintains all common ground and shared utilities. Have a good understanding of the governing documents before buying a unit. Restrictions of varying degrees are usually placed on how owners can rent their units.

Townhouses or Villas

The final common type of real estate development are townhouses and villas. They are something of a hybrid between a standalone single-family home and a condo. They usually have small yards and are connected to other units on either side. These are commonly retirement communities. Sometimes they are only for people above a certain age, usually 55 and up. This benefits investors because it makes growing your portfolio in a specific niche easier. However, even people not yet at retirement age can enjoy living in a townhome or villa.

Real estate investors must buy or build properties carefully. You want to get as much return on investment as possible. By choosing the right property types to begin with, your real estate investment business might just see success.