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Older Garage?
4 Essential Updates to Make ASAP

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You might have memories of the garage at your childhood home where you stored your bike as a kid and parked your first car as a teenager. However, if the garage at your current home still resembles that one, you might be in need of some updates to make it safer and more efficient.

Replace the Door

An old door can pose a host of problems. In some cases, the door may simply appear unsightly. Years of use and wear may have resulted in rust, mold, mildew and peeling paint. In other situations, an old garage door can become hazardous. For example, it may not hold in place when it is pulled open, which means it could fall on living beings. The door may also stick when you attempt to open it, thereby leading to strain each time you want to enter the garage. Therefore, a new garage door has value in terms of both safety and aesthetics. Work with a contractor like Shank Door or someone similar to get it taken care of quickly.

Security System

Replacing the door can help to alleviate some fears of a criminal breaking through the old model. However, a security system can really help to put that concern to rest. If you have a system for your house, you likely already know how one works. Sensors on the doors and windows sound an alarm in the event that they are opened. If you don’t already have a security system at home, consider one to protect both the house and the garage.

Remote Monitoring

In addition to having a system that protects your garage, you can also monitor it when you’re away from home. Security systems do tend to ward off intruders. In the event that someone does still break into your garage, the remote monitoring system can help yo to catch the criminal. If you have a stream of images showing people who come onto your property, the authorities could distribute this image to properly identify the suspects.

Remote Opening

On top of monitoring your garage when you’re away, you can also open the door up without getting out of your car. This feature is particularly effective for cold or raining days. Also, the ability to open your garage door can help with security. You don’t have to worry about leaving yourself vulnerable to attack as you walk from the car to the garage.

An older garage can certainly carry with it some sense of nostalgia. You can leave some of your favorite aesthetic features in tact while still making modern upgrades.