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6 Tips and Tricks for
Managing Items during a Move

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Whether you're moving down the street, across the globe, or into a nearby storage unit like Houston Storage Units, moving is never a simple process. Here are six tips and tricks to help make your next move a little easier.

Shrink Wrap, Shrink Wrap and More Shrink Wrap

What should you shrink wrap? Anything and everything you can think of. Shrink wrap will save the finishes on your wood furniture, and will prevent tears and scratches on your couches and other fabric items. Shrink wrap also helps transform multiple smaller items into one larger item for ease of handling.

Think Outside the Box

Get creative with your packing! You don't have to store your couch just as it would sit in your home. Turn it on its end, onto the arm side, so that the long portion of the couch is extending up towards the ceiling. This is how couches are stored in furniture distribution centers. To protect the end, cut a piece of cardboard and place it underneath the portion of the couch that will be touching the ground. Fold up the excess cardboard on all four sides and tape with packing tape so that the entire arm section is protected. Then shrink wrap on top of the cardboard, and continue the shrink wrap up until the entire couch is shrink wrapped.

This not only saves space in the moving truck, but protects your couch as well. To pack dining room chairs or barstools, place one chair upside down on top of another chair so that the seats are touching. Then shrink wrap both of the chairs together. Storing chairs like this also creates another space for storage in between the legs of the upside down chair. And again, the shrink wrap protects the finish of your chairs from any damage during the move.

Use Your Belongings as Packing Materials

Don't go out and spend money on bubble wrap and paper! Use your own pillowcases to wrap glasses. Weave bath towels in between plates and other dishes to keep them from touching each other. Anything too large to go in a box, like a mirror or a large frame, can be wrapped in your own blankets. Weave the blanket in between multiple frames so they don't come in contact with each other. Then shrink wrap all the frames together so that many individual items become one larger item. Using your belongings as packing materials saves money and space.

Leave Things Where They Should Be

Leave as many things in their original location as possible. Leave clothing in the original drawer, remove the drawer from the dresser, and shrink wrap clothes in place. Don't pack all of your silverware into a separate box; simply shrink wrap it right in its existing silverware tray. This makes unpacking a breeze!

Pack Deliberately

Unpacking is so much more difficult when you have shoes mixed in with paper clips and spare bike tires. Develop a system for your packing. Consider the future home or apartment, and write down all of the closets and rooms. Determine what things you want to store in each location, and pack boxes accordingly. When the box is full, don't seal it up just yet. Line the walls of your existing home with almost-full boxes so you can add any forgotten items later. For example, if you find a stapler that should have gone in your office supplies box, you can add it to the correct box, which will simplify unpacking.

Pack Keeping Your End Destination in Mind

Are you trying to fit everything on one moving truck to go across the country? Are you wanting to cram as much as possible into a storage unit? Or are you simply moving down the street and your trips back and forth are unlimited? These are things to consider when determining how strict to be in your packing. If you're simply moving down the street, space might not be as much of an issue as someone who MUST fit everything in one trip across the country. If space is an issue, consider purchasing all of your boxes. Similarly sized boxes stack better and make use of all extra space, if used efficiently.

Getting creative with your packing and packing strategically can help take a lot of the stress out of your move. Add shrink wrap into the mix and your next move could be your easiest one ever!