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How Living Near a State or
National Park Can Increase
Your Family's Quality of Life

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Many people choose their next place to live because they want their family to experience an outstanding quality of life. One sure way to make that happen is to move to an area near a state or national park. If you and your family are considering moving to one of these areas, here are four reasons why this move will improve your quality of life:

1. Inexpensive Recreation

Often people look to state and national parks for recreational opportunities. These forested places offer opportunities for fishing and hiking in the summer and for skiing or snowboarding in the winter. If your family is athletically inclined, living in one of these spots can be a way for you to get some rest and relaxation as well as some recreation together as a family unit.

2. Mental Health

There is now evidence to suggest that being outside is good for your mental well-being as well as your physical health. People who spend time outdoors tend to have lower levels of stress and feel more restored after their stints in nature. If you and your family move to a place where there are abundant opportunities to be outside, your mental health will benefit dramatically.

3. Climate

According to Money Crashers, when you’re looking for a good place to live, you should look for a place that has a good climate. That said, a good climate can be subjective. Many people actually move to more forested areas because they want four seasons. If you live near a national or state park, chance are you and your family will live in a place that offers an excellent climate.

4. Historical Connections

Sometimes, living near a state or national park puts you and your family in direct contact with history and historical places. For example, according to Foxfire Realty, people who buy a home in Ocala, Florida are buying a home in a place that was once a Native American settlement. Being able to bring your children to sites like these can be very educational and can help them (and you) connect with the broader history in your area.

Moving your family to an area that’s near a state or national park has many benefits and can actually improve your quality of life. These benefits are both physical and mental, and chances are good that once you and yours will wonder why you didn’t move sooner.