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Landscaping Projects With
Tremendous Impact

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Have you looked at the front of your house lately? Autumn is a great time to complete last-minute landscaping projects, and the cooler weather makes home improvement just a little easier. If your house is in need of a spruce-up, consider the following ways to make a statement with unique curb appeal:


Experts warn that trees may go into shock from summer and winter plantings, making fall a great time for landscaping. Thundercloud plum and Japanese maple are distinctive ornamentals that do well in several climates. While out in the garden, you may also want to consider putting in fall bulbs. Tulips are a favorite for their burst of color, but snowdrops, hyacinth, and giant allium also add amazing shape and texture to the landscape. If everything is planted before winter's arrival, you'll be greeted by a glorious show come spring.


Paint is an easy way to freshen up your home, but house painting in the summer is overwhelming, thanks to the heat. When autumn arrives, the days cool off enough to do work, but not too much to affect the paint. Gray is an especially chic hue for home exteriors, but you may also want to think about using a cameo green, smokey rose, or bamboo color for an especially up-to-date-look.


Updating walkways and driveways might take more effort than planting bulbs, but the impact on your curb appeal (and home value) is phenomenal. Don't just lay down concrete; consider more stately materials, like limestone. Paving stones come in a variety of colors, and using several shades for a variegated effect can be stunning. Increase or decrease color contrast based on whether you want a natural or unusual look.


Fencing is sometimes overlooked in landscape design, but neglected fences and gates are an eyesore. This is especially true for cheap materials, which are not made to last. Riverside Ironwork Canada Inc, a family company which installs fencing in Vancouver, recommends investing in custom-made railings and gates, because the longevity of customized materials can exceed that of prefabricated fencing. Consider choosing a design you really love, to keep your curb beautiful for years to come.

It's not just interiors that need attention. Designing an exterior that reflects your personality does wonders in welcoming you back to hearth and home. Not only will you enjoy the results, but your neighbors will, as well.