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How Do Window Updates
Affect Home Equity?

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Do you want to make smart upgrades to your home that will boost the value of your property? Are you trying to decide which updates will offer the most equity? New windows are an excellent choice because they give your home a facelift making it look and feel better. We give your four reasons why you may want to upgrade or replace your windows below.


Replacing your windows can cost about $10,000, but you will get back around 85 percent of that cost if you decide to sell your property at a later date says CNBC. Your home is more secure with new windows and locks. You can also choose a design that matches your current style or create a new one.

Curb Appeal

Updating your windows can make your home look new even it is the oldest house on the block. People will feel welcome when walking up to your door after installing arched windows. Window character can accentuate the house and soften modern lines. Flower boxes in the front of the structure will make the windows pop.

Selling Point

Forbes says you can update your house with window accents. Plantation shutters are huge right now. Custom blinds give your home an updated style without the overhead expense. Painting the trim, re-caulking if you have old windows, and adding ornate trim also embellish your overall design. Whether you plan to sell your home in a week or next year, updates like new window replacements can be the selling feature that makes all the difference.

Energy Efficiency Savings

Buyers love hearing about saving money when buying a house. Dual and triple-pane windows block out the elements. In the winter, new windows keep out the cold and make your house feel less drafty. In the summer, stopping the heat and minimizing how much air conditioning seeps out will help you stretch your utility budget. When you are in your dream home, new windows can keep your heating and cooling costs to a minimum.

New windows may lower your home insurance costs. Better security and energy-efficient upgrades make a difference in many states. You can check with your insurance broker to see what updates qualify for a price reduction. Make your home more beautiful by accenting the windows you have, or install new ones to get the most value increase. After installation, a home appraisal company can tell you how much value the updates add to your property.