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How to Compete Against Other
Sellers & Get Your Home Sold Now

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If your home is on the market or if you plan to list it soon, chances are one of your major goals is to achieve a fast sale. With so many properties available, selling a house fast can be difficult. Nevertheless, a fast sale can be achieved if you know what to do. Here are four of the top things you should do to sell your house now and beat out other sellers.

List a Bit Below Market Value

As you might expect, houses that are priced lower than their market value sell faster than those listed at or above their value. If you are trying to get the highest price out of a home, it usually pays to hold out. If you are a motivated seller who needs to sell a house quickly, however, it can be reasonable to lower the price of your property somewhat in order to get a quicker sale. If you list your home below its market value, be sure that you are okay with losing some money from the sale price in exchange for a quicker turnaround.

Have the Best Pictures

Anymore, buyers form their first impression of a home not off of seeing it physically, but from the pictures that are shown with its online listing. As a result, these pictures are of the utmost importance in getting more buyers to view your home, which will in turn lead to a higher likelihood of a fast sale. Be sure that your home is properly staged and hire a professional real estate photographer to photograph it from the best angles. If your visuals are better than other listings, you should see more interest in your house.

Use Social Media

Many home owners leave all of the marketing to their real estate agent. If you want to improve your chances for a quick sale, however, you should also do everything you can to promote the listing of your home. The best way to do this is to ask your friends and family to share a link to your listing on social media platforms, particularly Facebook. The more eyes you get on the listing this way, the higher the chance is that a legitimately interested buyer will see it.

Use a Tech-Savvy Broker

Some home owners don't do enough research into the brokers they use to sell their homes, assuming that one is as good as the next. In today's increasingly technological world, however, it's important to choose a broker that will leverage technology and modern digital marketing techniques to their fullest. A tech-savvy broker, like those at Re/Max of Boulder, Inc, can make the difference between a fast sale and a long, drawn out sales process.

Though a fast sale is never guaranteed in the real estate market, these tips can help you set yourself up for the best chance of selling your home quickly.