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Is Your Garage Making You Sick?
3 Tips Every Home Owner Should Know

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The attached garage is a modern convenience that most homebuyers are looking for, but it can literally be making you sick. The fact is that many garages are full of hazards that people just don’t think about. The good news is that you don’t have to surrender your garage in order to keep your home and family safe.

A Safe Haven for Pests
Garages aren’t generally sealed from the outdoors, and it can be easy for pests to infiltrate this room. Mice find easy meals with your stash of bird seed, and smaller pests are often just looking for a warm place that’s out of the elements. If you’re worried about critters setting up their next home in your garage, then chose the right pest control in Broken Arrow. Professionals know how to treat existing infestations, and they can keep the pests out in the future so that they won’t find their way into your home. It’s an easy way to ensure that you won’t have to worry about finding mice in the pantry or unwelcome bugs in your bathroom.

Watch for Fumes
Fumes in your garage can make you extremely sick. Loosely capped gasoline cans, paint that’s not sealed properly, and leaking batteries can put off dangerous chemical fumes that harm your respiratory, renal, cardiovascular, and even your reproductive systems. Protect yourself by using up paint and disposing of the empty cans. Keep gasoline cans tightly capped and stored away from the interior walls. Finally, store batteries where you can see them so that you’ll notice any damage right away.

Exhaust From the Car
You have a garage so that you can keep your car safe from the elements, but you’re adding carbon monoxide to your home every time you drive in and out. You don’t want to start parking the car outside, but there are a few things you can do to keep the gas out of your living space. Rather than backing in, pull in so that your tailpipe is pointed out. Wait a moment after turning off the garage to close the door, and open it before you start the car in the mornings. You can also add an exhaust fan to the garage to help pull those fumes out before they can infiltrate your house.

Improve your indoor air quality and your family’s health by giving your garage some attention. When you get the garage in order and eliminate the most common hazards, you won’t have to worry about dangerous fumes or other problems.