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How To Turn Your
Bathroom Into A Luxury

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The bathroom is a place in the home where you will spend at least a few moments out of every day. Instead of keeping it designed as a basic room with simple walls and floors, consider turning it into a room with luxury decorations and furnishings. This can provide a relaxing area of the home to enjoy a shower or bubble bath after a long day.


It's So Fluffy!

When you begin designing your luxury bathroom, think about the accessories that are used on a regular basis as well as what you walk on instead of a cold floor. Fluffy rugs can give a warm touch to the room. Consider updating your towels and washcloths as well to those that have a fluffy texture. You can wrap yourself up in a warm towel after a shower and feel like you're at a spa.



One of the things that is easy to add to a bathroom to make it feel like a luxury area is a candle. If you don't want to add candles, you can use products that you plug into the wall that emit various scents as they get warm. Use a scent that you enjoy smelling and that's relaxing, such as lavender or peppermint. Try to use a scent that coordinates with the time of year, such as something floral in the spring or a comforting fragrance in the fall.



If you're looking for a way to relax in the bathroom, then think about getting a company like All About Plumbing to install a new tub that is larger and that has water jets so that you have something similar to a whirlpool in the home. You might have to remove some of the amenities in the bathroom if you want a larger tub, but if you add candles and a few racks on the wall, then it will make up for the losses that you endure.


Artistic Endeavor

Although it might not seem like the proper place to put artwork, if you add pictures and designs to the walls, you can transform your bathroom into a space that looks like it would have come from a Beverly Hills mansion. Find something that blends with the new items that you install as well as the color scheme in the room so that the entire setting flows together.

While you're in the bathroom, you probably want to feel as relaxed as you would in the living room. Add a few new rugs and other amenities to make the room appear like a spa instead of a plain space. You can also tackle a larger job, such as a new tub, in order to provide a way to relax in luxury at the end of the day.