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Areas in the Home You Should
Add Patterns and Color

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Are you in the midst of redecorating your home? If so, you may be looking for some great ideas to help you add patterns and color to make your décor pop! There are five areas you can add patterns and color to increase your home's overall style.

Beautiful Throw Pillows

One great way to add visual interest to a space is to add simple throw pillows in beautiful patterns or designs. While the obvious place to put these is on the sofa, there are other places to put these as well. Buy a large basket to sit near the fireplace and fill it with throw pillows for lounging by the fire. Add them to the bench in your front hall, the chair in your office, or the rocking chairs on your front porch. For additional visual interest, choose throw pillows in different sizes and fabrics that work together.

Gorgeous Window Treatments

Pay attention to your drapes. Think of your window treatments as accessories for your room. Take a look at all of the colors in the room, and choose curtains with colors that will pull the room together. If a space is predominantly featuring one color, choose curtains with a pattern to spice up the room. To create a cohesive look, use the same fabric for your curtains and your throw pillows. Even if your windows don't go to the ceiling, hang your curtains high on the wall and let them drape to the floor for a dramatic or glamorous effect.

Interesting Rugs

You can also add a great pattern or color to a space using a rug. Rugs are perfect for any space and can tie all of the colors in the room together. If you have an open concept living and dining space, you can use a rug to clearly define one of the spaces. Rugs can also be used in your foyer or your bedroom. You might choose brightly colored small rugs for splashes of color or large rugs featuring neat patterns on a plain hardwood floor to add style to a space.

Well-Made Slip Covers

Another great place to add an interesting pattern or color is to your furniture. Instead of buying expensive new furniture, consider buying one or more well-made slip covers to put on your existing furniture. You can make a simple change by using a slip cover on just one chair in your living room. As you gain confidence, you can add more slip covers in complementary colors or patterns. If you cover a large sofa in fabric featuring a pattern, use solid colors on your chairs and vie versa.

Wall Paper in Moderation

Some people are afraid of wall paper, but you don't have to be. You can choose a wall paper featuring a unique pattern or phenomenal color. However, the trick is to use it in moderation. Instead of covering all of the walls in a room, just cover one to be a feature wall.

You can add patterns and color to your room in ways that make sense for your space. The trick is not to overdo it.