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4 Additions That Can Add
Tremendous Value to Your Home

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Adding a new room to your home can give you more space, greater comfort and the ability to continue to live in your current home if you have been considering moving for more space. However, some additions are also smart decisions even if you are planning to move in the next few years. Here are the best additions to consider if you want to add value along with comfort and convenience to your home.

A Bigger Kitchen

While revamping a kitchen can cost major money, it can significantly improve your experience at home and your resale value because no one wants a cramped kitchen. Adding space to your kitchen will give you more counter space, more cabinets and more area for entertaining. You should also have enough room for kitchen seating for your family. Consider this addition if a minor kitchen remodel is not going to be enough for your home.

The Master Suite

Everyone wants a master suite these days. Therefore, whether you are planning to live in your home for many more years or want to sell within the next year or two, this will be a smart addition. This is a major room addition that will require a significant chunk of land if you plan to keep it on the main floor as most people want. Some companies, like Shutterflex, know that you should include plenty of closet space and a spacious bathroom as well on the interior while adding external shutters for architectural interest.

An Additional Bathroom

No one can turn down an extra bathroom in any house, and taking the time and money to invest in this additional room can play out big for you. Although research shows that bathroom additions only net a 53 percent return on investment, you can be sure that possible buyers will be far more interested in a home with plenty of bathroom options. Be sure to have at least one bathroom in your home that includes a combination tub and shower.

Add a Deck or Patio

While the deck or patio may not be talked about as much because they are often not seen as being parts of the home itself, they are incredibly valuable to the resale value of a home. Plus, during nice weather, they can serve as extensions of your living areas as well as of your cooking areas if you add a grill or cooking space outside. Research has shown that this fairly low-cost, budget-friendly addition can get you back 80 percent of the amount that you put into it.

Because adding on to your home can be expensive, it is best to put plenty of thought into this possibility to ensure that you have the funds to cover the full project. You will also want to consider how long the project will take and if there are any pieces that you can do yourself to save money. With these four projects, you are most likely to see the greatest payoff at the end.