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----- quick application step summary -----

determine equity type

equity line vs. equity loan

Your first step in the application process is to determine whether you want a home equity line of credit or a fixed-rate home equity loan.

  • About Home Equity Line of Credit
    you will receive "equity line" checks (and or card) that that can be used to advance yourself a loan amount up to your approved available balance.

    This loan type is best for home improvement, college funding, starting a business, or when you need access to a line of credit for emergency and life-event needs.

    The equity line is a variable rate account tied to an index that can go up and down.

  • About Home Equity Loan
    The home equity loan is a fixed rate loan. The money is advanced to you when you close your equity loan. This advance is an one-time loan, with no further advances made on your account.

    This loan type is best for consolidating debts, buying a vehicle or a major purchase or home remodeling.
Home Improvement
use an equity line to manage costs as they occur throughout the project
Consolidating Debts
use an equity loan to payoff all debts and consolidate them into one, low plan
Auto Buying
use an equity loan with a repayment term that fits your budget
Financing College
use an equity line to advance cash for tuition, housing, and other as needed
Paying Off Your Mortgage
use an equity line as your money account to advance accelerated payments
Becoming a Banker
use an equity line as your source of capital to finance items at minimal cost
Start a Small Business
use an equity line as your start-up capital to get your business going
Financing Major Events
use an equity line as your emergency account to advance funds where needed
----- end of application step summary -----